Geography NCERT Class 7 Quiz Part 3

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One important variety of coniferous forest is:
Ganga-Brahmaputra basin in the Indian subcontinent  lies in the sub-tropical region of between  ___ latitudes
The Major crop of GANGA-BRAHMAPUTRA BASIN is ?
Select the rivers that drain in Velds region.

( Select all that apply)
R. Orange and R.Limpopo Drain in Veld. Where is Veld a Temperate Grassland located?
Susu is locally name of which of the following aquatic animal-

  1. Whale

  2. Tortoise

  3. Fish

  4. Dolphin

…………Consist of non living elements eg. land etc.
Equatorial Region Extends between Degrees of
Consider the following statements about Amazon River Basin-

1. People in Amazon river basin practice “slash and burn agriculture”

2. Their Staple food is Cassava. ( also called as Manioc)

3. They Mainly crops Tapioca, pineapple, Sweet Potato.

4. River Amazon flows west and joins Atlantic ocean

Which of the following statements are True ?
The selvas are dense…………………forest.
PIRANHA is a type of
Consider the following characteristics of Desert.

1. It is an arid region

2. Have high temperatures called as Hot Desert

3. Have low temperature called as Cold Desert

4. Rainfall is low

5. Vegetation is Sparse

Which of the statements are true?

(Select All that apply)
Which of the following is known as the gold capital of world?

  1. Chicago

  2. Minneapolis

  3. Johannesburg

  4. Kansas

Deodars and Firs are a type of
The Ladakh desert is mainly inhabited by

1 . Christians and Muslims
2 . Buddhists and Muslims
3.  Christians and Buddhists
 Tafilalet oasis is a large oasis with an area of about 13000, it is located in which of below countries ?
Merino is a type of 
Early human beings depended entirely on nature for food, clothing and shelter.
The gravitational force of the earth do not holds the atmosphere.
Sahara Desert region is not associated by which below countries.

(Select all that apply)

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