Geography NCERT Class 7 Quiz Part 2

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Merino is a species of
Temperate Grasslands of Argentina is called as
River Mississippi drains in
Kaziranga and Manas Wildlife Sanctuaries are located in which state ?
Consider the following statements  about Tribes BEDOUINS and TUAREGS-

  1.  These are not nomadic tribes

  2.  These are located in Ladakh Desert region

  3.  These are located in Sahara Desert Region

  4. These are nomadic Tribes

Which of the statements are false ?
Bengal Tiger is found in ________
Which of the following is the natural conditions for selection of an ideal site are-

1. favorable climate
2. availability of water
3. suitable land
4. fertile soil
The place where a building or a settlement develops is called its site.
which of the following is common in GANGA-BRAHMAPUTRA BASIN?
Sahara Desert region is associated by which below countries.

(Select all that apply)
Mediterranean regions are known as Orchards of the World for fruit cultivation.
Which amongst the following is the fastest mode of transportation-?

  1. Water ways

  2. Roadways

  3. Air ways

  4. Railways

Most Civilizations Flourished and developed near river valleys.
Consider the following statements about Amazon River Basin-

1. People in Amazon river basin practice “slash and burn agriculture”

2. Their Staple food is Cassava. ( also called as Manioc)

3. They Mainly crops Tapioca, pineapple, Sweet Potato.

4. River Amazon flows west and joins Atlantic ocean

Which of the following statements are True ?
Red starts is a species of- 
In Ganga and Brahmaputra plain trees grow, along with teak, Sal and Peepal.
Which among the following discovered the Amazon river-?

  1. Portuguese

  2. English

  3. Dutch

  4. Spanish

Which of the following is the world’s largest desert.
Which of the following is known as the gold capital of world?

  1. Chicago

  2. Minneapolis

  3. Johannesburg

  4. Kansas

Which of the following is not the part of golden quadrilateral expressway in India?

  1. Mumbai

  2. Chennai

  3. Kolkata

  4. Solan

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