Linux Quiz Part 1

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Which of the following, helps in starting the user applications in Unix Architecture ?
Linux is one of the flavors of Unix ?
Which of the following are functions of Kernel - ( Select all that apply )
In linux /usr is a directory. What does usr mean?
GNU project was started by ?
Consider the following statements, which are true

1. Mounting is a procedure to attach a directory to file system

2. There are two types of mounting- permanent and temporary mounting
Which of the following contains all configuration files for Linux.

(Select all that apply)
umask is a ____ digital octal number .
Consider the following statements on file permissions:

1. The file permissions are given at three levels

2.  They are - User level, Group level and others levels.
Which of the following  contains files which are used by Linux Operating system.?

(Select all that apply)
Father of Linux Operating System or Inventor of linux Operating system ?
Command to mount all entries placed in /etc/fstab
Linus Torvalds, used which of the following flavors of Unix to develop Linux Operating System ?
The default umask value in linux operating system is
Linux was developed in ____ model ?
Permanent Mounting details are added to which of below files -
Linus Torvalds belong to which of the following countries ?
Command to check the UUID of a partition is :
Root directory in Linux is represented by :
Default location of  all Super User commands  in linux is

(Select all that apply)

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