Linux Quiz part 2

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Which of the following is also called as Virtual Directory in Linux Operating system?
Unix was rewritten by Ken Thompson with help with of which language in 1970's ?
Default location of  all user commands  in linux is

(Select all that apply)
Command to mount all entries placed in /etc/fstab
Temporary mounting lasts only till the system is restarted, once rebooted the mount point is lost.
Which of the following , acts as User Interface in Unix Architecture ?
Father of Linux Operating System or Inventor of linux Operating system ?
The default permissions on file in linux operating system is
Root user in Linux is also called as ______
Which of the following contains all configuration files for Linux.

(Select all that apply)
Which of the following contains Process Files in Linux Operating system?
Command to unmounting a partition.
Linus Torvalds, used which of the following flavors of Unix to develop Linux Operating System ?
Syntax for Mounting  in linux is
Which of the following contains variable data like mails and log files in linux operating system?
Which of the following, helps in starting the user applications in Unix Architecture ?
The default location of root user in file system hierarchy is
Which of the following is considered as lowest level in Unix Architecture ?
Which of the following, helps in Control Security in Unix Architecture ?
Command to view the usage information of mounted partition

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