Smog Selfies may cause Health issues

With onset of Mobile Technology growing rapidly, selfies have become part of every life. Today, especially among youngsters, it is matter of pride to take selfies for whatever the occasion may be. Here, selfies are not at all matter of concern. However, the concern is place or environmental conditions like smog that are undermined while taking selfies.

Why need to worry about smog selfies? here is what smog made of –

Smog is a mixture of air pollutants—nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds that combine with sunlight to form ozone. Smog forming pollutants come from many sources such as automobile exhaust, power plants, factories and many consumer products, including paint, hairspray, charcoal starter fluid, chemical solvents, and even plastic popcorn packaging. In typical urban areas, at least half of the smog precursors come from cars, buses, trucks etc. Thus, Smog is made up of a combination of air pollutants that can compromise human health.

Therefore, dear youngsters, or so called future citizens of a nation I would like bring to your notice that, a proper care need to taken or assessment of environmental pollution conditions should always be due considered, as it will lead to health problems.

Let me come directly to point of thing, taking Selfies in Pollution environment make impact on health.  We all observe that pollution(Air Pollution Index) in major cities are no longer in control and are at hazardous levels. Here, the vulnerable group may be newborns, children, pregnant women, and persons suffering from per-existing diseases like Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, cardiac diseases etc.

A pregnant women and new born babies are most vulnerable.  It will always be joyful,  if we consider to take selfies where, an area is free of pollution or at least  polluted areas.

So let us think, what we can do about it to solve the concern –

  • Either take selfies where an area is pollution free
  • Avoid taking selfies, in smoggy conditions
  • Spend least amount time in smoggy conditions
  • Use Masks to prevent impact of pollution on our health
  • Consume healthy food

Definitely, it is time to think about smoggy selfies and take right decisions. So make sure, that we should not spoil our health spending taking excessive selfies during smoggy conditions rather enjoy your pride of selfies at right environmental conditions that boosts your health.

Follow the saying — ” Health is Wealth”… and lead happy life.

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